Announcing: Neurocognitive and Neurobehavioral Measurement in Mucopolysaccharidoses: A Master Class

Presented by the National MPS Society and the University of Minnesota Division of Clinical Behavioral Neuroscience

Designed for doctoral-level psychologists, trainees, and psychometrists seeing MPS patients in clinical trials, this comprehensive course will provide a robust understanding and increased site readiness in response to the growing number of MPS trials. The Master Class will be held online and via live webinar Nov 12 and 19, with presentations geared to both those who are newly working in MPS and to those with expertise. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions of world experts and to meaningfully connect with others in their field.

Master Class Faculty include world experts in MPS and cognitive assessment:

Elsa Shapiro, Ph.D.; Curriculum Development, Lead Faculty
Julie Eisengart, Ph.D.;  Site Educational Director, Lead Faculty
Paul Harmatz, MD; UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland
Stewart Rust, D.Clin.Psy; Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital
Kelly King, Ph.D.; University of Minnesota
Heather Adams, Ph.D.;  University of Rochester Medical School
Kendra Bjoraker, Ph.D.; 3:1 Neuropsychology Consultants

Additional expert speakers include FDA representation and patient advocacy leaders

Qualified participants may register at no cost thanks to industry support through the National MPS Society. Interested attendees should apply by October 31st. Site PIs may use the same link to nominate psychologists.

Learn more at

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